Conveyour system

Packolabel Systems Packolabel Systems

     Product Range

    1.  Roller conveyors

    2.  Slat conveyors

    3.  Belt conveyors

Packolabel Systems

Product Range

4.  Twin chai pallet conveyors

5.  Over head conveyors

6.  Aluminum profile conveyors

Packolabel Systems

         Product Range

             7.  Scissor lift

             8.  Vaccume gripping system

             9.  Turn table

             10.  High speed goods lift

    Packolabel Systems

    Roller Conveyors

      Type: Live roller idler roller friction cluthc roller.

      Capacity:Up to 5 ton/meters.

      Applications: Material transfer,assembli lines,packeging lines,storage and retrieval systems,online weinging systems.

      Packolabel Systems Packolabel Systems

      Slat Conveyors

        Type: Steel Slat,Flexi,Stop & Go,Pallet accumulation

        Capacity:Widthsup to 49 Inches,Loads up to 3 ton/mtr.

        Applications:Material transfer,assembli lines,machine shop gantry feeding.

        Packolabel Systems

        Belt Conveyors

          Type: Belt of various grades & attachment(eg Cleated),MS/AL,Inclined.

          Capacity:Widthsup to 2 mtr,Speed up to 40 mtr/min.

          Applications:Material transfer,incspection,packaging lines,online weighing.

          Packolabel Systems Packolabel Systems

          Overhead Conveyors

            Type:3 Wheel trolly,Bi-planer chain.

            Capacity:up to 100 kg/m.

            Applications:Paint shops,Powder coating unit,Materials supply chain & all types of over head material transfer.

            Packolabel Systems

            Buffer Conveyors

            • Length-5m two modules.
            • Accumulates the roll segments before packing station.
            • Electrically programmed,maintains gap between rolls.
            • Formed chassis,PU painted.
            • UHNWPE wear strip to guide pallets.

            • Packolabel Systems Packolabel Systems

              Unloading Conveyors

              • Length-3m.
              • Strapping along with wooden planks
              • Roll is unloaded from this station and goes to shiooing.

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