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Clear – View Packaging

Clear – View Packaging

These lines shrink wrap using shrinkable hoods to provide "clear-view packaging" and represent the latest international development in the transit packaging of value-added items. The wrapped pack offers clear brand visibility and is shelf-ready for storage and display in retail environments. This system offers 30% savings over conventional shrink/stretch wrapping systems. This is the first installation of its kind in India.These machines are now being used extensively by all leading international paper manufacturers.

These machines will be supplied with consumables by local converters with slight process modifications that will be developed and perfected by us.

These systems are also suitable for shrink wrapping of high-value branded items like appliances for their "clear view" properties and the ability to be transported and displayed.

Stretch wrapping - Solutions with High Flexibility

Whether hood stretching or wrap stretching, P stretch packaging systems offer the greatest flexibility for securing pallet unit loads and large containers.

Packed with Tension

Clear – View Packaging

The fully automatic P Tensiontech F stretch hood applicator with its special film stretching process makes it possible for all the common sizes of industrial pallets to be packed with just one film tube. The stretching of the film is regulated in a targeted manner for each pallet size so that optimum load securing properties are achieved in each case.

The P ClearView Effect

In contrast to conventional packaging methods, the P stretch hood packaging system ensures that the surface of the film after stretching is of a high quality permitting an optimum display effect. Barcodes under the film can be scanned without any problem.