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Conveyor Systems

Packolabel Systems

Product Range

  • Roller conveyors
  • Slat conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
Packolabel Systems

Product Range

  • Twin chai pallet conveyors
  • Over head conveyors
  • Aluminum profile conveyors
Packolabel Systems

Product Range

  • Scissor lift
  • Vaccume gripping system
  • Turn table
  • High speed goods lift
Packolabel Systems

Roller Conveyors

  • Type: Live roller idler roller friction cluthc roller.
  • Capacity:Up to 5 ton/meters.
  • Applications: Material transfer,assembli lines,packeging lines,storage and retrieval systems,online weinging systems.
Packolabel Systems

Slat Conveyors

  • Type: Steel Slat,Flexi,Stop & Go,Pallet accumulation
  • Capacity:Widthsup to 49 Inches,Loads up to 3 ton/mtr.
  • Applications:Material transfer,assembli lines,machine shop gantry feeding.
Packolabel Systems

Belt Conveyors

  • Type: Belt of various grades & attachment(eg Cleated),MS/AL,Inclined.
  • Capacity:Widthsup to 2 mtr,Speed up to 40 mtr/min.
  • Applications:Material transfer,incspection,packaging lines,online weighing.
Packolabel Systems

Overhead Conveyors

  • Type:3 Wheel trolly,Bi-planer chain.
  • Capacity:up to 100 kg/m.
  • Applications:Paint shops,Powder coating unit,Materials supply chain & all types of over head material transfer.
Packolabel Systems

Buffer Conveyors

  • Length-5m two modules.
  • Accumulates the roll segments before packing station.
  • Electrically programmed,maintains gap between rolls.
  • Formed chassis,PU painted.
  • UHNWPE wear strip to guide pallets.
Packolabel Systems

Unloading Conveyors

  • Length-3m.
  • Strapping along with wooden planks
  • Roll is unloaded from this station and goes to shiooing.