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Window Pasting

Window-Pasting Machine For Profile Paper Boxes P-500

Window Pasting

The emergency of the Window-Pasting Machine For Profile Paper Boxes P500 substituted the other ones that cannot paste the windows of profile boxes. This machine sucks paper from its bottom, and then the paper is positioned through the dialing pin, and then automatically glued the paper and paste film. The size of the film can be adjusted at random according to the window size.

The paper that has been pasted with film can automatically arrange in an orderly way, automatically seal. It is characterized by ease of debugging and validation, higher production capacity. As a result it is a good product for pasting the paper boxes with profile windows.

Technical Variables
Applicabale paper weight 200-300 m2
Air pump power 3kw
Window size 300x300-50x50 mm
Main motor power 1.5kw
Paper Size 500 x 500 - 200x200 mm
Capacity 3000 - 5000 (PCS/h)
Machine Measurement 4800 x 1400 x1000 mm
Weight 1.5T
Film Thickness 0.025 - 0.15mm

Full Auto Paper Box Window Pasting Machine P-750A Type

Window Pasting

P-750A Full Automatic case window Pasting Machine can sealing glue on all kind of case window, and process it. Accurate fixed position automatic increment glue transmission position, and Automatic calculation the numerical convenience adjust the efficiency is high. It's a nice machine to do the case window.

Technical Variables
Steel Weight 200-300 m2
Machine Weight 1800 kw
Motor Power 1.5kw
Machine dimension 880 x 1300 x 3750 mm
Pump Power 3kw
Paper Size 550 x 500 - 200 x200 mm
Production Speed 3000-5000
Window Size 300 x 300 - 50 x 50

Auto Envelope Window Film Pasting Machine P-120A Type

Window Pasting

P-120A is expert at laminating and pasting all kinds of envelop window Suction to draw paper from the bottom and no stop to feed paper, Blowing air to detach paper by is stable and reliable and it is forced to orient. The roller automatically applies glue so as to ensure the even applied glue. Adopt the step less speed change to regulate the length of film so as to be convenient and safe.

Technical Variables
Steel Weight 70-120 m2
Machine Weight 1500 kw
Motor Power 1.5kw
Machine dimension 950 x 1200 x 2500 mm
Pump Power 3kw
Paper Size 380 x 420 - 100 x170 mm
Production Speed 5000-10000
Window Size 55 x 30 - 130 x 180 mm
Steel Weight 1.25 - 0.5 mm