Rackin- light, medium and heavy duty:

NM1 Medium-Type Cut-In Composite Racking:

Cut-in composite structure, standard cut-in units, assembly and disassembly are simple and quick, high-strength steel panel by continuous punching and rolling; panel depth can be adjusted freely, space for each layer can be separated freely; the height of each layer can be adjusted by pitch 50mm freely; the loading capacity of each panel can reach 500 kg.

Flow-Through Racking:

By using aluman or steel roller rail system and under the influence of gravity, the racking is designed for goods to be first in and first out and thus best suitable for such places as the two sides of an assembly line, distribution center, etc.

Multi-Tier Racking:

Composite racking structure with special section steel floor, suitable for storage of a great variety of goods with a few quantities for each kind; the racking can be designed to be one layer or multi-layer, maximizing your storage space.

Steel Structure Garret:

All composite light steel structure, light-steel panel is firmly locked to the girders which leads to an integrated smooth floor with high loading capacity; low cost and quick construction; it can be designed to be one layer or multi-layer, taking full advantage of storage space. Both of the light-steel panel and the lock, designed and developed by Nova, have been granted a patent.

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