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Automatic Sleeve Sealing & Shrinking Packagers

Scope of Application :-

Used for shrink packing the beverage, beer, mineral water, pop-top cans and glass bottles with or without a tray.

Technical Features :-

ST-6030AH+SM-6040M Auto Sleeve Wrapper designed for packing bottles with or without a tray, the sealing machine can connect the production line and with its auto feeding, film wrapping, sealing & cutting, shrinking and cooling, need not an operator. There are different packing modes: 6,9, 12, 15, 18,20 or 24 bottles each pack.

ST-6030AHD+SM-6040D is on the base of ST6030AH+SM-6040, adopts a double cylinder pushes, and double the capacity as well.

Auto shrink Label Sleeving Machine

Packolabel Systems

Half Body Sleeving

Made of all kinds of material and meeting the principle of sleeving (the lay flat bottle width of sleeve position <= the lay flat bottle width of upper sleeve position), all the containers can be used on the half body sleeving machine.

Packolabel Systems

Packolabel Systems

Full Body Sleeving

Without the limit of the bottles, full body sleeving machine has been widely used in many foodstuff, fruit drink and spirit factories.

Packolabel Systems

Packolabel Systems

Temper Evidence

In many cases, the final products may need temper evidences bands at the cap/neck banding. With our advanced technology and very rich experiences in this special application, we are capable of solving problems of incorrect sleeve position, slanting sleeve and jumping sleeve etc. what frequenty happen by other suppliers.

Packolabel Systems

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