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Fully Autonmatic Corrugated Strapper :-

High strapping productivity with the most cost-effective bundle squaring solutions for the corrugated industry.

Packolabel Systems

Hinged Top Plates

Simply insert the satrap into the feeding rollers from the coil side of the machine and then push the "reset" button. The machine automatically feed itself without access to the inside of he machine. The Transit models, used in conjunction with feed conveyor, do not have to be removed from the line for loop-eject clears unwanted satrap automatically, if the machine is accidentally strapped without a package.

Packolabel Systems


Fully Automatic Cross Strapping Machine

Designed Specially for the Printing Application and Publication.

Packolabel Systems

Auto strap Ejector

  • Three phase for 8 mm - 12 mm P.P.strap
  • Conveyor speed: 30 meter/minute
  • Multiple strap function for single, double,continuous strapping or transit mode
  • Table height: 820 mm / TP-601 A 825 mm/TP-601 B/BP
  • Proven quality, providing excellent reliability and durability

Packolabel Systems

Belt Transmission

Opens wide for quick cleaning,inspection, and maintenance of strapping head, strap-feed and tensioning unit.

Instead of using roller chain, belt transmission systems ensure long operational life and quiet operation.

Packolabel SystemsPackolabel Systems Packolabel Systems Packolabel Systems

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